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Agreement Between That Clauses And Main Clauses

Clause Type: Clause Relative, Comparison and Content Clause A is a group of words that contains a verb (and usually other components). A clause can be part of a sentence or can be a complete set in itself. For example: verbs that are often followed, reporting verbs (dir.B. say, say, admit, etc.) and moral process [...]

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Agency Fee Agreement

If the agency`s shop is illegal, as is the case in the labour law of U.S. public sector unions, a "fair sharing commission" can be agreed by the union and the employer. [2] [3] The provision requires non-union workers to pay a "fair proportional fee" to cover the costs of the union`s collective bargaining. The [...]

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How Does The Good Friday Agreement Safeguard Human Rights And Equality

"The rule of law is the right that democracy is for politics. Without these fundamental guarantees, we risk losing a lot of ground. My message to those negotiating on the boards in Brussels, London and Dublin is to focus on rights and equality and to give priority to the lives, livelihoods and peace of our [...]

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