The reason the agreement was not respected is that there is no discussion between TVNZ and the moderator specifically about the length of the employment and why the employment would end after one year. There may be a temptation for companies to associate temporary work with external financing – for example. B a contract or a public subsidy. The authority found its application in favour of the host and confirmed that the temporary agreement was inoperative because it was not in accordance with the law. A fixed-term contract must indicate when the period of employment begins and ends. It must also clearly state the real reason for the temporary hiring of the worker. 2. Debbie, an accountant, works in a medical centre to cover someone on sabbatical. Debbie`s employment contract says David doesn`t have enough employees for this job, so he hires three new employees on two-month contracts.

He explains the reason for the fixed duration of his new recruitment and places them in their employment contracts. You know that David cannot guarantee an indeterminate contract or extra work beyond the two-month mark. Temporary workers cannot assert an unjustified right to dismissal if they leave because the duration of the contract has expired. Unless the contract specifies the reason for the fixed-term contract or the worker has worked beyond the duration of the contract. The ability to offset these payments before 8% may disappear if successive temporary agreements are not clearly demonstrated. In addition to these costs, an employer may be held responsible for a sentence imposed for a violation of the law. In the absence of renegotiated temporary agreements, MBIE believes that the employer pays twice, regardless of the good faith that workers employ during this difficult year. Temporary agreements are a practical tool for employers who do not need permanent employees, but who require more commitment than a casual worker.

The Employment Relations Act 2000 (Law) provides that an employer and a worker may agree that the employment ceases after a specified date or period; or when a specific event appears; or at the end of a particular project.