A general sales bulletin is written proof of the transfer of ownership between two parties, one is one that sells it and the other is the one that buys it. It cannot be used in the transfer of intellectual property or real estate. This document, in its design, sets up many standard sections normally used in this type of agreement, in addition to the optional language to allow adaptation to ensure that the exact terms of the parties` agreement are dealt with. Using Bill of Sale make sure there is a complete and accurate record of the transfer of a property to the buyer of the person selling it. that the seller may at any time incriminate the country with mortgages or mortgages in order not to insure more than the balance owed at the time of the execution of these mortgages or mortgages which provide mortgages or mortgages for the payment of capital and/or interest that are neither superior or superior to those provided in this contract, and be a first right of bet on the land superior to the right of the purchaser; notification of the execution of these mortgages or mortgages, which contain the name and address of the mortgage agent or his representative, the amount of these mortgages or mortgages, and the interest rate and maturity of the principal and interest are sent to the buyer by authenticated mail immediately after their execution. At the seller`s request, the buyer must execute all the instruments that may be necessary for the exercise of the previous skill. If the buyer refuses to perform such instruments required by the seller or accepts such certified mail or if this certified mail is not returned, the seller may publish this notification at two conspicuous locations of the campaign and make an affidavit on these facts and that publication, according to which the buyer`s rights are subject to these mortgages or mortgages, as provided for in this regard. The consent or subordination obtained, as is expected, under or under the aforementioned jurisdiction, extends to any extension, extension or modification of this mortgage or mortgage, after the seller has informed the purchaser in such a way as the mortgage provides to notify the performance of these mortgages or mortgages, unless they are changes that bring the amount of the mortgage to an amount of surge above the interest rate mentioned here or that provide an interest rate exceeding the interest rate shown here. This buyer has the right to own the land from and after the date of that area, unless otherwise stated, and has the right to retain possession of it only to the extent that there is no delay in complying with the conditions of that area.