The underlying contract itself is not affected, so you don`t have to worry about disrupting your relationships with your customers and customers. The rights to the underlying contract are completely unknown under a framework contract. In the meantime, customers` rents are billed and recovered as usual. Block-Discounting is a financial service that allows independent financial service providers and lenders to free up capital committed to financing agreements by clients. One of the main advantages of a bulk discount loan is that the cash advance is immediate and released directly into your business. You can then benefit from a constant flow of funds for your future growth knowing that your business will have no problem making repayments. You will only last as long as the underlying contract or the duration of the lease, so you can be sure that the repayment funds will still be there. There are many ways in which the reduction block can benefit your business. They will benefit: it is a form of financing for companies that provide a type of leasing or leasing of a financing contract for customers over a credit period of up to 5 years. Products are generally motor vehicles, capital goods or products manufactured by companies, manufactured and marketed with a resale value, which offer a „sales assistance package” that helps sell their products. Bulking up could be useful if you need to provide financing to your customers and maintain a healthy cash flow to meet your business needs. The discount block is a revolving credit facility that applies primarily to car dealers. This allows them to raise funds against their future income, especially where the dealership funds vehicle leases.

The bank buys „blocks” of these leases, while car dealerships continue to collect and manage staggered payments from their customers. In the meantime, the Bank is providing funds corresponding to the updated agreements. In fact, you might even think of block reduction as nothing less than a whole new source of income. They allow you to reinvest your capital and make a profit in the period between the credit period and the financing period. Click here for more information on bulking up. Block Discounting is a safe and reasonable way to raise funds against a future source of income, for example. B when a company funds leases or leases. If you have any further questions about bulk remission credits or an aspect of commercial financing, contact one of our experts on 0333 358 3502. The finance company establishes a portfolio of credit contracts that provides the guarantee of taking out a loan using a number of agreements or „blocks” of agreements. Agreements are updated to their full value to protect both parties from late payments or early billing by the customer. Another great advantage of bulking up is that all financial agreements are intended to complement, rather than complicate, existing banking facilities and relationships.

A discount credit is a way to restore cash flow by returning a fixed share of units. It is safer, more efficient and less expensive than a standard bank loan. Our team of financial experts is here to give more information on the benefits of block reduction and answer any questions you have. Talk to one of our specialists to realize your growth potential If you would like more information on bulk discounts, please fill out this form and a member of our team will contact you shortly. If not, call us on 0808 296 2503, m until 8:30 – 17:30.