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Understanding the 11c1c Agreement: What You Need to Know

If you`re in the business of procurement, you might have come across the 11c1c agreement. This agreement is a standard procurement regulation found in federal contracts, and it`s important to understand its purpose and implications.

What is the 11c1c Agreement?

The 11c1c agreement is a clause that appears in federal contracts and is part of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), which govern the purchasing process for government agencies. Specifically, the 11c1c clause addresses the topic of price adjustments.

When a contractor enters into an agreement with a government agency, the contractor is required to provide goods or services at a fixed price. However, certain factors can affect the cost of those goods or services over time, such as inflation, changes in the cost of raw materials, or fluctuations in labor costs.

The 11c1c clause allows for adjustments to the contract price if certain conditions are met. Specifically, the clause requires a contractor to submit a written request for a price adjustment, along with supporting documentation demonstrating the cause of the price increase. The request must be made within a certain timeframe, typically six months from the date of the event causing the price increase.

Why is the 11c1c Agreement Important?

The 11c1c clause is important because it protects both the contractor and the government agency from unexpected cost increases. For the contractor, the clause provides a mechanism for adjusting the contract price in response to changing economic conditions. This helps ensure that the contractor can continue to provide goods or services at a reasonable profit margin.

For the government agency, the clause helps prevent contractors from inflating their prices or manipulating the contract terms for their own benefit. By requiring written documentation and justification for any price increases, the clause provides a level of transparency and accountability in the procurement process.

Final Thoughts

Whether you`re a contractor or a government agency, it`s important to understand the 11c1c agreement and its implications. By understanding the purpose and requirements of the clause, you can ensure that your procurement process is fair, transparent, and equitable for all parties involved.